sunday break

i mean truly a sunday, a real sunday when i have nothing to think except my essays, and sleep, repeat, i spend time sleeping more than studying lol i mean sleeping helps my study, refreshing my mind, my knowledge and even my readings, i keep doing for nearly a month, and it will be changed … Continue reading sunday break


a lunar new year

it is a mid night now and i feel sleepy, conciously, i dont think i like lunar new year, it is normal, it is relaxing, for familes, union, united, gathering, playing, praying, happiness, luckiness, peace, smiley, laziness, dress, just a typical moment of period but anyone celebrates, i mean i should, i should do something … Continue reading a lunar new year

a removal

i was do like him, like a beautiful man with beautiful words writing on Couchsurfing to express himself as a Mr. Know Anything About Himself. It is definitely true when I barely know myself, I was surprised and looking back to my profile, I feel a blank space, lol how can a person write evrything … Continue reading a removal