#168. baker’s dozen

i will write this status as quick as possible because i want to finish one reading task so i can sleep early before 12. tomorrow i have to do some important tasks i guess and i need to prepare my energy and my full sleep, i am interested in bakery, i dont know why, i […]

#12. Thương Istan

Chuyện 94: Sáng chs tỉnh lúc 6h sáng dù 12h ms đi ngủ, mắt sưng vù lên thế là tớ lăn quay ngủ đến 9h. Trời nắng nóng quá làm tớ phải gội đầu rồi lôi bài ra làm. Làm đc 1 lúc thì lại phải xuống hầm coi đồ giặt xong còn sấy. Cảm […]

#156. swish, buzz, pop

i thought the main idea of this is a deep one but it shows me a funny way, shhhh the wolf is coming, the rabbits are scared, the trees are flying to sky, and the sun still goes rise, if something happens wrong, it should be me, awaring of the heart, beats fastly and heartfully […]

#138. mailbox

the best thing i have ever done is an empty electronic mail, i am proud of myself, i feel so relaxed, seeing nothing and filtering and unsubcribe sth i shouldnt follow and read frequently, i reduce my mess, i dont have a mailbox but i did receive some big bixes from my friends,  it was […]

#11. Thương Istan

Chuyện 86: Đúng là não lú lẫn hết cả, rõ ràng down app wordpress rồi mà như thói quen vào Safari kiếm blog. Đúng là hơi già. Chuyện 87: Sáng ra trời mưa trong vòng 1 tiếng và nắng đi lên, tớ cũng thấy bản thân vẫn may mắn khi ra đường đến metro station […]

#104. vacation

it is crazy indeed when the rain comes as dogs and cats and i couldnt imagine if i go out, i could be wet all, i need a vacation, always, but going to istanbul is a kind of my vacation to relax away from my normal job, and then it turns out i didnt want […]

#89. facebook status

such a long time i havent updated a precise status giving any personal information to the whole rumors of world, i am not afraid of anything but everything, and it is a stupid habit i did in the past, i wrote several status attaching with photos and expressing silly young emotional thoughts, i received tons […]