#191. cartoon

i will do a challenge. cartoon challenge, it will be a need and a thing to try learning something for myself,  but firstly, drawing and creating the situation, what will be the most funny part of this scene, who will be involved and how many people i need to create, the amount of duration is […]

#201. empathy

when i came to istanbul, i feel desperately upset and thương these Turkish old people. they look so desperate and i cannot keep observe their gestures on their faces, how can a person handle and cope with tons of issues to have that kind of sorrowful face,  i met some turkish kids and they feel […]

#170. risk

i enjoy my alone wandering, and my two important objects are playing ground and du quay, i dont want to go swimming, just enjoy the sound of the windy wave and the fresh air, izmir beach reminds me of cu lao cham, danang, vietnam, such a small beach and peaceful when seeing far away, it […]

#193. rooftop

after 4 months of keeping writing daily and randomly, i forgot which topic i wrote and which didnt, how stupid i am when trying to write in random numbers, who doesnt follow the rules, me, i always wish to stay on the rooftop, i will design and build one at my future house, or at […]

#212. font

i like using different fonts on text because i feel falling in love with every curve the designer did, must be a reason somehow, i usually use vntimes 5-10 years ago, and then times new romans few years now for writing formal essays,  sometimes i use calibri or camboria something automatically on word, today i […]

#209. sneeze

i have a bad nose which usually sneezes when something dirty, dusty and smelly, but adapting with the environment, my nose works well with everything, when i lived in my hometown, my room has tons of dusts and invisible dirty stuffs, i sneezed all day and night except sleeping, when i stayed in hanoi, my […]