#110. country mouse

i dont like to blame on anyone of our troubles, as we dont know our schedule, timelines of all the buses in istanbul, in our three weeks, we took the two buses daily from our dorm to the office, it was tiring and crazy in every single moment with terrible traffics, until i figure out […]

#95. adjectives

still cool back to the 90s, i think i can get some achievements and pursuing other interests during that, let create another mini habit per day, lovable, humourous, aggresive, crazy, touchable, yeah 5 adj i need to have on my entry i write, sudden have a conversation with L and all the numbers stuck around […]

#117. beach inspired

i love being on the beach, listening the sound of the sea, when i feel sad, i just wanna lay down, close my eyes and sleep, or i wanna go to the sea and playing with the waves of the wind, i dont like crowd people surrounding the beach, i feel i have invasion, i […]

#168. baker’s dozen

i will write this status as quick as possible because i want to finish one reading task so i can sleep early before 12. tomorrow i have to do some important tasks i guess and i need to prepare my energy and my full sleep, i am interested in bakery, i dont know why, i […]

#156. swish, buzz, pop

i thought the main idea of this is a deep one but it shows me a funny way, shhhh the wolf is coming, the rabbits are scared, the trees are flying to sky, and the sun still goes rise, if something happens wrong, it should be me, awaring of the heart, beats fastly and heartfully […]

#138. mailbox

the best thing i have ever done is an empty electronic mail, i am proud of myself, i feel so relaxed, seeing nothing and filtering and unsubcribe sth i shouldnt follow and read frequently, i reduce my mess, i dont have a mailbox but i did receive some big bixes from my friends,  it was […]

#104. vacation

it is crazy indeed when the rain comes as dogs and cats and i couldnt imagine if i go out, i could be wet all, i need a vacation, always, but going to istanbul is a kind of my vacation to relax away from my normal job, and then it turns out i didnt want […]