#153. shaping up

when the creation goes silly in some ways, it tells me to create a shape on a page like circle or square or heart,

and then i follow my rules, do as i do,

i realise sometimes i am stubborn, really, as O told me because i didnt agree with him,

but i feel comfortable with my rules,

when i see something wrong, i correct it,

and i didnt tell anyone, as a result, some bad news appear from that,

if the meal needs 5 ingredients but i am busy doing another stuffs, i quit one or two elements and complete the meal as soon as possible,

as others, they have to fulfill all, and i skip some,

without regret,

yeah a bits crazy and break right rules but i feel nothing to apologize,

just making mistakes every time and learning from these, making different mistakes and learning again,

i told a friend of mine that i learnt to grow up by getting lost,

when i lost to a wrong direction, i have to try to be social, to be brave and be courage to take other direction, i cannt quit and i cannt turn back, i just go and go,


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