My happiness

I told ya. My super cool friends are super awesome indeed!

When I had my birthday, I remember her. She wished a lots for me via Viber but I havent known until she messed to me via Fb. 

So emotional when reading her messages and her creative design with a cute girl in a twinkle hair.

I felt like we missed together as the day we meet together and talk and sleep together. We are best friends, indeed!

I remember those days we hang out randomly on the streets in Hanoi. Wandering around and nowhere is the destination.

I still remember the day I hadnt prepared fir the meeting and we lost. Truly lost. It’s my fault but we had another adventure for another journey.

As now, we are living in different country, as last year, different country, but our heart can feel from others haha =))) 

Another cute friend with a 4-5-year photo sending me and we feel we are young. Birthday is for smiling!!!

My cool mate is gonna prepare for his new job. I told him that I was emotional few days now, he thought it could be for my physical problems =)) how dare him, I feel because it is from my heart. And then when he went to sleep, he said to me: Dont cry, be happy then, girl. Haha, what a cute friend of mine when we are friends in more than 4 years telling anything we can share without any barriers. 

Could a relationship be a friendship like that? I dont know for sure. It should be open without any secret, as obedience to God.

That is why I am barely, dont want to stick to any relationship. I feel scared to belong to anything I dont want.

Yeah maybe I am good at living alone with myself.

Cake, candle, a song, cool friends, do you miss anything?


I am gonna miss him

I feel really bad when someone left me after few days of fun and excitement.

He came and left after one week we met. It hurts, man!

I dont know much about him, even that, my feelings to him is definitely great. Feeling peaceful and fun.

I met him by chance and then I met his friends. They are kind, welcomed and honestly they are adorable. They are in the church, I can come to the church to learn something useful and meaningful.

I feel like I am losing a friend right now. He only left the country I am living now, he comes back to his home. Yeah two countries dont have a long distance like my home, but we cannt meet easily like coming to the church anymore! 

It hurts because we havent had one more chance to play together. Just one and only one from now then.

I dont know for sure what will be going in the future, but I hope we can keep in touch and let the future count. 

I am gonna miss him as a great friend with his super cool friends. Luckily when I know him in the present, it must be something I can learn from, or it is the calling of God, nah.

I feel we have a connection, with the instrument. 

He is calm, funny and peaceful.

I am gonna miss his smile, his voice and his sayings.

We did a little time together with his friends but it was a great great time I have ever had in this city..

Oh my god, can you please take care and we can meet again one day somehow?

I feel sad, deeply.

I cannt imagine it comes so soon!

My very first friend came to me and then left me.

I am so sorry, hon, it is your birthday if new age but I cried a lots before your happiness.

Yeah it’s fine, fair enough to bless something and wish for the best things.

I gave him a film that I took in Bel air. He knew the place, he is gonna miss this place nearby when we first met.

I wish I could hug him as I desired, but the church prohibited with its rule.

I wish we could have more time to play and sing with several partners.

Maybe I understand when he came to me and then he knew he is gonna leave soon.

Shake hands! Please be a wonderful and great man as now and more! I will keep you safe as a cool man with a big smile, peaceful face, sometimes funny with everything, naive too!

Miss you badly!