Cant touch it

I cannt keep listening the old songs. I feel what if i spend my time hearing those melodies, I can feel creepy, disturbing and crying. Hope noone nothing can see it.

I dont think it is neccesary to tell anyone my plan, my direction is straight and directing to what I pursue. I prefer to be silent.

Some people will say I am so quiet, but what the hell the think, I am me.

As a scene in Bridges of Spies, Abel and Gary truly honestly were to their government, if others think differently, their choices are different, not the honesty of Abel and Gary. Even the worry about that, does it help?

I am surely worrying does not help at all. Mr. Donovan is so excellent and he could protect his country, his people and even the spy.

I feel some boredom now. It is like I have a lot of friends but scolling down to the list, I found noone. Different areas and different time zones. I must be chosen to be do my favorite things.

The Logi gets stuck. I dont know why. Maybe I did a mistake when choosing ´´forget this devicé’´. ha! What a silly me on July!

Almost of everything fell down and I couldnt control at all.

August, please be nice to me. I promise you I will eat healthy and spend my time studying!!!!


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