Never ever happened before

This afternoon I have to be back in Geneve to get my student card. It seems like marathon before 5.

I got a direct train from Renens to Geneve in 2h57 but I missed because of buying a ticket.

And then catching another train, luckily to Lausanne and via Lausanne to Geneve (must be faster wïth less stops).

Normally, the checker checks the tickets only for fast and direct trains. Today is an unlucky day for me. I had two checks on the trains for the ticket, one from Lausanne to Geneve and return.

Luckily, I bought all the tickets.

When I arrived Gare Cornavin, I ran quickly to get a tram to my house. Luckily, it is before 5. The building was here. As quick as possible I opened the door, and oops it was broken! The key was divided into two parts and I did not have any idea about that!!!!

I called my sister and then she called the person who could take the key out of the door.

After nearly one hour, a guy came. He speaks English for sure. He took one minute and a half and get the key out. He got 150 frcs. How easy to get an expensive price like that!!!

He was nice but the money does not nice as him.

Troubles come around so high and I should not go out today.

Luckily, I bought the ticket to Annecy and finished my day with chicken and salad at home.

Hoefully, the money goes, the luckiness comes and wish my mom will be okay.



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