Shit happens everywhere

I know, truly deeply madly, shit everywhere. We cannot predict it, cannot deal with it. We see it and throw it away, as a real shit. Even sometimes, the shit is so disgusting and you cannot even look at it, throw it immediately with the water.

I am now, knowing the shit is still here. I cannot move the shit around or go somewhere else without that shit. I prefer to observe the shit and the shit gonna go away soon.

I dont believe that the shit is terrible and boring as such a hole shit, a real one bothering me in some cases, currently.

Even the real shit inside my stomach and pushing it out of the body is more friendly than the shit here.

I dont care. Any shit happens around and I can solve the shit like the real shit. I move to the next day, pushing the shit out and everyday doing that. I feel better.

Cannt even know the shit happens like that, okay fine. I am done.



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